25 years of Golf injury managment and golf strength and conditioinng 

Now at Pure Performance Wanaka 

Low back pain is the most common injury in golf.

The ability of the body to rotate around the spine plays a direct role in golf performance and injury prevention.

Training for Golf will take your game up a notch:

  • Mobility with Power gives better consistency;
  • Mobility improves efficiency;
  • Power with Mobility gives you a longer drive;
  • Mobility reduces your injury risk!



This simple yet effective daily tool can be done at home or as a warm-up

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A list of benefits or services you provide

  • One-on-one strength and movement coaching
  • Group training and fitness
  • Template nutrition and training plans
  • Consultations and advice
  • Fitness testing
  • Sport Specific Exercise plans

Customer Testimonials

John's Physiotherapy knowledge combined with his strength and conditioning not only fixed my injury but took my golf to the next level. 

As a female golfer I always struggled with distance, The Golf Specific training at Pure Performance was fantastic for my game.

John's biomechanical and injury knowledge of the golf swing is mind-blowing.